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Refined Taste Begins with Design: The Meßmer ProfiLine in Royal Blue

Refined Taste Begins with Design: The Meßmer ProfiLine in Royal Blue

The sophisticated product concepts of the Meßmer ProfiLine world of enjoyment are exciting because they present tea in all its diversity while creating an engaging and relaxed atmosphere conducive to and increasing enjoyment.

Unusual and tasty tea compositions complement the classic products and actually inspire tea-drinkers to try something new and surprising. This exclusive quality which is not available in the retail market is accompanied by attractive service material. Everything is made to offer guests the perfect tea experience.


Loose-Leaf Tea

A premium product for the most demanding tea connoisseur and made from the choicest hand-picked leaf teas from selected regions.


Pre-portioned for Teapots (Tea Buddys)

A choice of loose teas for the discerning tea-drinker, pre-portioned in practical Tea Buddys for the perfect, easy-to-make pot of tea.


Tea Cup Portions in Aromatic Seal Envelopes

For presentation in the self-service segment with 25 tea-bags sealed in aromatic envelopes to keep in the flavour. This product line includes 21 varieties ranging from classic to modern.


Concept Teas

The “New Moments – New Teas” is a concept focusing on selected moments of tea pleasure and comprises energising, light, strong and relaxing teas.

The range of New Moments teas offer a unique and exclusive combination of unusual and sophisticated blends. This concept features eight blends for single servings and six for teapot servings.


1-Litre Teapot Portions

For longer-lasting pleasure, for example in offices, conference settings or hospital inpatient service the one-litre teapot assortment is the perfect choice. Tailored in size to prepare large thermoses of tea this line offers several delicious black- and green teas as well as herbal and fruit infusions.